Info On The Classic

Held at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, the O’Neill Cold Water Classic has been Northern California’s premier professional surfing event since 1987. “The Lane” has become known as one of the world’s greatest spectator venues for a surf contest thanks to its perfect natural architecture. With steep, vertical cliffs overlooking the fabled right point break, “The Lane” resembles an ancient Roman coliseum when thousands of onlookers line the cliff railing to watch top surfers compete.

Steamer Lane

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic has a storied history tapping into a legacy of surfing talent with previous winners including legends Ritchie Collins, Martin Potter and Tom Curren, local Santa Cruz favorites Kieran Horn and Adam Replogle and Foster’s World Tour standouts Taylor Knox, Joel Parkinson and Bobby Martinez. Brimming with local pride, Steamer Lane’s cold, rough conditions and natural arena-like setting provide the perfect backdrop for Northern California’s pre-eminent surf competition.

Past winners
O’Neill Cold Water Classic Past Champions

Year Event Name Purse Winner
*1985/86 PSAA $????? Anthony Ruffo (Santa Cruz, CA)
1987 O’Neill Coors Cold Water Classic $33,000 Ritchie Collins (Newport Beach, CA)
1989 O’Neill Pepsi Cold Water Classic $80,000 Martin Potter (Durban, ZAF)
1990 O’Neill Pepsi Cold Water Classic $110,000 Tom Curren (Santa Barbara, CA)
1992 Bud Surf Tour $20,000 Todd Miller (Newport Beach, CA)
1993 Billabong $20,000 Taylor Knox (Carlsbad, CA)
1997 Billabong $40,000 Peter Mel (Santa Cruz, CA)
1998 Billabong $40,000 Chris Gallagher (Santa Cruz, CA)
1999 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $40,000 Chris Gallagher (Santa Cruz, CA)
2000 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $60,000 Joel Parkinson (Gold Coast, AUS)
2001 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $40,000 Roy Powers (Oahu, HI)
2002 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $10,000 Adam Replogle (Santa Cruz, CA)
2003 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $25,000 Kieran Horn (Santa Cruz, CA)
2004 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $75,000 Event Cancelled
2005 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $75,000 Bobby Martinez (Santa Barabara, CA)
2006 O’Neill Cold Water Classic $75,000 Toby Martin (Sydney, AUS)